Studiophile Speakers Av40 Cx8 Bx8a Overviews

Studiophile Speakers Av40 Cx8 Bx8a Overviews

M-Audio's BX8A Deluxe Studiophile Speakers.

The BX8A Deluxe Studiophile Speakers can allow you to accurately evaluate mixes. The accurate advances in technology with this model makes it a worthy product for it's cost.

The BX8A Speakers build on sound accuracy to produce a pure sound output. To produce the high quality sound output to get that sharp, accurate, refined output along with durability the BX8A speakers contain the following features:

Custom Amplifier Tuning

The custom amplifier tuning enhances the driver integration between frequencies to get a smooth balanced sound output.

Low Frequency with Kevlar Drivers

The low frequency driver is Kevlar designed, Kevlar produces a high thermal resilience that will help manage to keep the produced heat minimal, in turn keeping that refined sound output and creating higher durability for longer lasting low frequency sound.

The design has been made into a conical shape which helps with sound dispersion into the room.

Damping of the rubber surrounds has been integrated to insure more accurate sound. The damping helps to control the undesired generated movement of the speaker from created pulses.

High temperature voice coils gives an increased resilience to the generated heat from the use of the speakers. By having these voice coils enhanced with more thermal endurance, produces a longer, constant, accurate sound purity for hours of use.

130 Watt Bi-Amplified Power

Bi-Amplification integrated into the BX8A studiophile speakers allows for each frequency range to contain it's own amplifier. This reduces work load for the amplifiers so each amplifier is specifically allocated a main frequency range.

With a finely tuned crossover integrated into the design, each frequencies driver is made to only deliver the most efficient frequencies, this further enhances the sound quality by removing less efficient frequencies being output.

Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic Shielding minimizes any unwanted interference with other technical goods around the room. The emitting signals can cause a crackling sound being created from the technical goods near by such as a phone or T.V if no magnetic shielding has been integrated within the speaker.

Specially Designed

The design of the speakers was specially created to further comply with the desired sound quality. The design was created to fit with the integrated components, right down to the rounded corners of the speaker to decrease signal diffraction.

The rear port design reduces turbulence and any created distortion that may have been produced by poorly design or worn down ports.

High Frequency, Silk Domed Tweeters With Enhanced Wave Loaded Drivers

The domes are designed with the silk material to counter the common created sound from poorly crafted metallic materials.

The enhanced waveguides create a more refined high frequency response.

Contained in these studiophile speakers is M-Audios FerroFlow technology. This technology is a cooling feature that uses Ferro fluid liquid to reduce temperatures into a controlled state. This increases durability of the speakers for a longer, constant use, with maintaining the high sound quality.

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