Home Audio Systems Why Dali Speakers Have A Histor

Home Audio Systems Why Dali Speakers Have A Histor

When looking for home theater speakers, consider a name brand manufacturer like DALI. The company is a leader in making high-end speakers that are considered the best in their class in terms of performance and price.

DALI, or Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, began in 1983 as part of a major Scandinavian audio retail chain. The company's mission was to provide the type sound purity and quality not found in products of other speaker manufacturers. DALI established its first sound laboratory and factory in Nirager in 1986 where the headquarters still resides today. The company quickly became one of the most respected makers of audio equipment in the world. Their success is attributed in large part to company's dedication to research and ground-up engineering which led to such major product lines as Megaline. The company also took on the manufacturing of its own line of audio cables and interconnects in an effort to streamline their manufacturing and ensure the type of quality they demanded for their speakers.

DALI opened a North American factory sales office in Colorado in 2003 and a third manufacturing and sales office was built in the United Kingdom in 2005. All three facilities continue the tradition of high-end, craftsman-built speakers.

The manufacturing techniques used in DALI products are unique. The company gave up assembly line manufacturing many years ago. Instead they use two person stations where each oversees the production of the single piece of equipment from beginning to end. The craftsmen, many who have worked for the company since its inception, hone and check each product for quality. Manufacturers on the floor are encouraged to help with the decision making and development of the speakers. The company uses the best materials possible so that both engineering and quality craftsmanship principles come together to create the company's visually and audibly superior speakers.

The principles of sound and its purity are still the driving mission of DALI today. The company has rigorous standards on fidelity, low resonance, synchronization, surround sound, and linear impedance. Each line is built from the ground up with these factors in mind. DALI does not use printed circuit boards in its speakers. That is because their audio engineers believe that the boards distort and lose subtle sounds. All of their speakers are therefore hardwired by hand. Crossovers are custom built and fitted for each loudspeaker made. The result is a highly efficient internal network that reduces latency and compression.

Low quality home theater speakers must often be placed in very specific locations in order to get optimal sound results. DALI speakers are designed to produce the same quality of sound no matter where the listener is in relation the loudspeaker. The components disperse sound in a convenient and natural way to optimize performance. DALI believes that a listener should not be able to distinguish which speaker sounds are coming from. This kind of clarity is achieved through well-chosen materials, which do not hinder sound at the cost of fashion.

DALI takes pride in its reputation for finely crafted and great-sounding home theater speakers. Their masterpieces of engineering and handmade craftsmanship will surely not disappoint.

~Ben Anton, 2008

Ben Anton lives in the Northwest and writes for Ronny's 5th St. Audio Vision.

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