Dj Speakers Choosing Your First Dj Speakers

Dj Speakers Choosing Your First Dj Speakers

DJ speakers are essential part of your DJ equipment setup. The speaker's primary purpose is to play sound and music that comes from your DJ mixers and turntables. If you are really serious about being a DJ, it is advisable that you choose the right one. Remember, a good DJ is someone who chooses his equipment well in order to give his audience complete satisfaction. You need to know the different types of speakers and familiarize yourself about what they are and what they do. This way, you will be better informed when you buy your first DJ speakers.

Monitor Speakers

Monitor speakers are used by DJs to hear themselves and their mixes in a loud bar.

2-Way Speakers

They are speakers with a woofer and a tweeter. They are not advisable for DJing though, because of too much distortion over very high sound volume.

PA Speakers

PA speakers are public address speakers just like the ones that are commonly used in schools' and churches' intercoms to broadcast a prerecorded music or a person's message to the general public within a building.

Active Speakers

They are also called powered speakers. These are speakers with built-in amplifiers so there is no need for messy cabling from a speaker to an amplifier. With active speakers, you don't need to worry about matching the speaker and the amp's impedance. Keep in mind that powered speakers require extra electrical outlets so think ahead if you have ready access to one.

Passive Speakers

Passive speakers are those that do not come in with built-in power source and draw power from somewhere else. They are usually cheaper than active speakers but you need to run lengthy cables between the speaker and the separate amplifier. You also need to know how to match the right power amp to the speaker or you'll get low sound quality at best and damaged equipment at worst.

Knowing and understanding how these types of speakers work is a good step in becoming the best DJ you want to be. It is very important that you choose the right DJ speakers for your gigs. That said, you want to make sure that you choose a DJ speaker with a high sensitivity rating. This type of speaker will allow you to play high-volume sounds without drawing extra power from the amplifier. It is just as important to select a speaker with high impedance. Speakers with high impedance won't damage your amplifier because they can handle strong signals very well.

A DJ can only be as good as the sound that comes out of his DJ speaker, so go and get a decent one.

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