About The Advent Speakers Corporation

About The Advent Speakers Corporation

The Advent Speakers corporation was founded primarily by Henry Kloss in 1967. The name "advent" is derived from a Latin term meaning "approaching". Interestingly enough, in this case, "advent" was also a placeholder terminology used in the legal incorporation process as Kloss began filing papers for his company without having a specific name in mind.

Kloss's first vision was to create a form of projected television however by 1968; he had abandoned those plans to instead focus on his new line of dual driver spear systems. These dual driver speaker systems + that would later become Advent Speakers! + consisted of a single 10 inch woofer dubbed lovingly "the advent speaker". These later became known as Large Advent Speakers. At the time, Advent Speakers were said to compete favorably with the sound quality of similar brands like the AR Model 3a while costing only half as much! The secret of the Large Advent Speaker was Advent's patent tweeter and woofer pairing with inverted foam surround. The system employed by Kloss at that time is now known as acoustic suspension.

After successfully launching his Advent Speakers, Kloss moved on to begin developing high fidelity cassette tapes. This was cutting edge at the time as cassette tapes were initially intended for voice dictation recordings only. By 1971, Kloss and his Advent Speakers brand rolled out the Advent 201 in 1971. The Advent 201 incorporated Dolby B technology and was at the time, the first and only popular "high fidelity" cassette tape deck. The final large invention from Kloss ad Advent Speakers was the Advent Video Beam 1000 + a large screen projection TV. released in 1977.

Life After Advent Speakers

Kloss departed Advent in 1977 and after a time, the company fell on hard times. Advent filed for bankruptcy in 1981 and was never able to recover. At some point in the 1980's, Jensen was able to acquire the Advent brand and marketed a number of "Advent" speakers including the Prodigy. Unfortunately, the quality of the rebranded Jensen Advent Speakers was not up to par with the original Advent Speakers. The Prodigy speakers have a harsh sound with a mediocre woofer. Not necessarily a bad speaker, but certainly not a good one if you know what we mean.

If you are wondering what happened to Kloss himself, well it is not very surprising! After leaving his Advent companies, he began working at Cambridge SoundWorks in 1988 and became a successful designer of table radios and computer speaker systems. Kloss retired from Cambridge SoundWorks in 1996 and led a happy life until he passed away in 2002. Kloss's legacy remains in his Emmy award winning work as a television designer and his Induction + one of the first of its kind + into the Consumer Electronics Association's Hall of Fame.

Kloss had a great effect on the world of inventions, especially Advent Speakers

All that said, the legacy of Advent Speakers lives on however! Today, the Large Advent Speakers can fetch serious money on hobby forums or auction sites like eBay, especially when original or only light refurbished. These Advent Speakers remain popular due to their rich sound and nostalgic existence.

E.M. August is the owner of the Advent Speakers blog and an avid audio enthusiast.